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Saturday, September 18th, 2004 - Doors open @ 3:00 PM
The Back to the Books fest '04

Winter Solstice (VA-Metal Blade) more.
A public hanging( Detriot, MI) more.
Blood of the Martyr (Erie, PA) more.
Stratia (Springfield, MA) more.
Gauge(Detriot, MI) more.
Chasing Eternity (Springfield, MA) more.
Restoration (Erie, PA) more.
Something to fight for (Dover, DE) more.
Struck Down (Erie, PA) more.
The Remnant(Atlanta, GA) more.

Come and support Let's pack lighthouse!

Where: Lighthouse Christian Center
Cost: $10.00
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September 24 2004, 13:18:07 UTC 12 years ago

we're awesome.
are you?

we're awesome.
are you?